Jai Maharaj (pundit) wrote,
Jai Maharaj

Ace racer passes on

Dale Earnhardt's crash has stunned the racing world yesterday; several of my friends and clients are auto-racing enthusiasts. As Earnhardt is mourned by millions, we can reflect on a couple of vital issues: safety in sports, and violent lifestyles. There is some debate about HANS, the head and neck safety device which Earnhardt was not wearing when his car hit a concrete wall at 180 mph, but it may be wise for drivers to wear it to stay on the living side of the line.
Violence does return violence ultimately and this brings up the second point: the Karm sheriff is always keeping tabs. Dale Earnhardt was not only an avid hunter but profited greatly from the suffering and death of animals -- he owned a chain of steak houses. Raam Naam Satya Hoe!
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